Thursday, June 21, 2007

Then he does something like this..

Last night we were watching the DVD that we'd made for Sage's first birthday. Sawyer came in to watch and was excited to see pictures of himself. Even the ones where he's holding Sage.

So both kids get down and run into the hallway. Then Sawyer goes up to Sage and says "I love you Baby Sage" and gives her a big hug! Through my tears, I tell David to grab the video camera, and this is what we got.

Although, I have to say I gave myself a silent high-five earlier in the day when Sawyer smacked Sage - and she smacked him back! You go, girl!


Melissa said...

I don't know which was cuter... Sawyer being the sweetest brother or Sage going in for TWO more big hugs while she had the chance. That was way too cute!

Mely said...

That was so CUTE!

JenC said...

Makes you remember why you had two, doesn't it?

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