Saturday, March 17, 2007

This is where it starts

Sawyer has talked about a little girl in his preschool class, J, since he started going last September. We finally arranged a playdate. It took the two about an hour to really start playing together. Then there was no stopping them. They sat in the red wagon in our garage and made an "apartment" - though neither could say what an apartment was. Apparently, it consisted of collecting every piece of play food and any other toy they could grab and stowing it in the wagon. Then they both sat and pulled a blanket over their laps.

Today they both went to a birthday party of another girl from preschool. But it might as well have been another playdate a deux. Because they didn't really interact with anyone else. They spent most of the party walking around holding hands like a sweet little couple. Of course, being that they are 3, there was a lot of tugging each other in opposite directions. Most of the time, J won - something Sawyer should get used to!

J is a cutie, with long strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She's also very similar to Sawyer in temperment - not too crazy.

So now my boy has his very first girlfriend. The first of many, we're sure. At least, so far, he's chosen wisely.

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