Friday, March 16, 2007

Shoes, glorious shoes!

My daughter has a problem. A BIG problem. I can only conclude that it is hereditary, passed along with her long legs, tilted eyes and pouty lips.

This all came to light when I took her to Nordstrom to buy her a pair of sandals. Not only did she bat away and declare "NO!" to several pairs I tried to put on her, she also became fixated on a certain pair she just HAD TO HAVE!

Then I dared look at shoes for Sawyer (who was at preschool at the time). Sage started pulling shoes off the displays. These were for big girls, but Sage did not care. Because she saw the Bling. The Sparkle. This was the absolute greatest shoe ever put on this planet, and Sage knew exactly what to do with it. She put it right on. And started parading around before making a break for the door.

Luckily, I caught her before my daughter got her first criminal offense. But I couldn't blame her. Because as you all know, I cannot resist anything that reflects light. I am like a goat, attracted to the shiny stuff.

And on shoes. SHOES! My little girl, my heart, also has the gene. I'm so proud!


Melissa said...

Oh my gosh, that's fantastic! Ashley also LOVES shoes. I think you're brave to even let Sage loose in the shoe store. Ashley isn't allowed out of the stroller. ;) The real trouble begins when they're's about 13... no, even worse, 16. Then, Sage can drive herself to the shoe store. We must guard our credit cards!!

Cheryl said...

She must wear her purple frocs (fake crocs) at all times, too!

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