Friday, January 12, 2007


Sawyer does a very distinctive poop dance. When the boy has to go, the poor kid looks like he's having some type of fit. He goes up on his toes. He straightens his arms and hunches his shoulders as he walks around the room. This performance goes on for some time. It often includes the emission of some loud (and sometimes silent) noises, which result in a small pungent cloud wafting through the room.

Now that he's potty trained, we try to grab him in the middle of his dance and throw him on the toilet. Most of the time he protests, saying he needs "more practice," and often it's a false alarm. Once in awhile it will be on its way out, poking into his underwear, so when he sits down on the pot, out it plops.

So when he started his ritual today, we went through the usual routine. Nothing. Then he had lunch and told David he had to go pee. But we knew better. So David sat him on the toilet.

About 10 minutes later, Sawyer is yelling at me to come in! Quick!

And there, sticking out of the water, is the Louisville Slugger of poops. This turd looked as if it should have come out of the butt of a 250-pound man, not from a 33-pound little boy! It was the kind of thing you wanted to take a picture of to show everybody. Anybody. Hey! Look what my kid did today!

Never mind who walked first, talked first, who knows their ABCs, 123s (in English and Spanish)- MY KID TAKES THE BIGGEST SHITS!!!!

We're so proud.

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