Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A budding liberal (we hope)

Yesterday I had to wait for Sage to get up from her nap before I took the kids with me to go vote at the elementary school across the street. I finally had to wake her up at 5 p.m. after a solid - and unexpected! - four-hour nap. Of course, Sawyer slept just 45 minutes. Anyway, I stuck both kids in the BOB and we started on our way.

Sawyer: "Where are we going Mommy?"
Me: "We're going to vote."
Sawyer: We're going on a boat?"

Later, at the polling place

Sawyer: "I'm having so much fun voting!"

Maybe it was because he knew that my vote was a small light in the ultra-conservative darkness that is Orange County. I'm surprised to voting machine didn't pass out when I inputed all the democrats.

In other "news"...

Sage is starting to nod her head "yes" if you ask her something that she wants. It is so cute! I left her and Sawyer in their bathroom for about a minute to go get dressed in my room. I heard her complaining a bit, so thinking that Sawyer was probably beating her over the head with the bubble bath bottle, I hurried in - to find Sage sitting in the bathtub. She'd climbed in. This was only moments after she successfully climbed into Sawyer's bed for the first time.

Sawyer had his 3-year checkup. He's 32 pounds, 37 1/2 inches..

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