Monday, August 04, 2008

Danielle's Story

This is an absolutely amazing story that appeared in the St. Petersburg Times. That this can happen in this country in this day and age is profoundly disturbing. But in the end, it is heartwarming to know that people like the ones who adopted this little girl also exist.

The video, slide shows and audio are also an excellent example of multi-media journalism.

Danielle's story


Jen C said...

I am speechless. Utterly speechless.

I can not believe that Children's Services had been out to the house before and LEFT her there. I know it was a couple years prior to this incident, but it had to have been a very incomplete (the nicest word I can muster) investigation at the time.

I do have to say it was a beautifully executed piece. Thank you for sharing it.

Swirvin said...

I can't remember the last time I have experienced such a wide range of emotions in such a short period of time as I did while reading Danielle's Story.

The fact that Social Services was out there not once but twice and still didn't do anything is beyond belief.

I wish Dani and her new family the best. Thanks for sharing her story.

Just J said...

That is heartbreaking, The story is so emotionally powerful it could stand on its own, but the piece was beautifully executed.

Kristy said...

I read this yesterday and have yet to get this little girl out of my mind! It is heartbreaking, but I'm so happy that Dani's story has a happy ending with a family who loves her.

Kinda makes you wonder how those two older brothers turned out, ya know?

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