Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Itsy, bitsy...AAAACK!

For the past few weeks, we've had this very cool spider living on the outside frame of our garage door. He built a nice funnel-like web, where he chilled during the day and came out a little at sunset.

We've never seen a spider like him before. He's brown, almost tan. We saw an orange hourglass on the bottom of his abdomen, but since he wasn't black, we knew he isn't a black widow. And he has this really cool tiling on his top.

Every time we pull into the driveway, there he is. The kids like to check on him, especially because Sawyer is way into spiders.

Then last weekend, he was gone. Just like that. I was actually kinda sad. Our own little nature study was gone. And then, two days later, he was back, like a sailor returning from a wild time on shore leave.

So today, I decided to once again search the internet to see if I could identify him.


What we have here, folks, is a brown widow spider. The picture above is not our actual spider; it's one I found on the Web. They are reportedly MORE venomous than their cousins, the black widow, but are not aggressive. Their bites are more localized so you don't drop dead. But they do hurt.

So, when the kids and I went to the aquarium this morning, David went out in full battle gear. Actually, he just had a can of Raid.

Poor spider. Or should I say, poor dead spider.

I felt bad, but having a venomous spider in easy reach of my family was, you know, not so cool. And I'd never give a second thought to smushing it with the closest availabe shoe if it was in my house.

But there he was, minding his own business, just being his bad brown widow self. He was simply in the wrong place, wrong time.

Location, location, location!


Jen C said...

AAAHHHHHHHHH!!! You know I'd have to move right?

Melissa said...

Mr. Brown Widow Spider is very lucky he was at your house. He would have bit the dust a long time ago if he lived near my house. Yuck!

Amy said...

Ummm, OMG ... Like Melissa, it would have been dead on day one at my house ...

Cheryl said...

What is WRONG with you people? Don't you want to be as one with nature?? Is it Highly Venomous Brown Widow's FAULT that he is, well, Highly Venomous?

Ah, well. I'm just hoping his friends don't come looking for him - or for David!

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